Bank of Nation of ‘Hayah


The Nation of ‘Hayah has a global currency unit that is not centralized nor regulated by any government including The Nation of ‘Hayah.

Our currency is a recognized new global currency unit that has been quickly adopted by many major global companies all around the world.

The actual currency unit has a built in global public ledger that anyone can view, every transaction is recorded immediately and anonymously in the global public ledger uses the latest cryptography there is.

Any citizen of this planet can obtain a FREE WALLET to hold and use and acquire our global currency unit.

Our currency unit is designed to be fully integrated into the global infrastructure of the Internet. There are thousands of private nodes that operate our global currency system and the system can be technically considered the bank of the Nation of ‘Hayah.

Citizens of the Nation of ‘Hayah as well as any person on this planet can obtain a FREE WALLET to acquire and use our global currency unit. Exchanges that turn fiat into our currency unit now exist all over the world and some governments are now attempting to regulate these exchanges however, our currency unit was designed to be 100% unregulated and 100% decentralized. The world exchange markets trading in our currency unit determines the daily value of our currency unit that has grow over 1000 times in value in a few short years, it is literally transforming the global economy and redefining what a currency is.

There are so-called banks now that exist only to exchange old fiat currency into our global currency unit as well as many exchanges.

Many members of the Nation of ‘Hayah accept our global currency unit in the daily course of these members businesses that include pretty much every type of business there is on this planet.

Global public corporations have also adopted our currency unit so now anyone around the world can participate in our global currency revolution.

Our Recommended Business Page has a list of exchanges around the world as well as many of the global companies that accept our currency unit. It also has links to many Business websites. of citizens of the Nation of ‘Hayah.






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