Currency of the Nation of ‘Hayah

Our citizens hold their monetary wealth in our global currency which is now being used by millions of people all over the planet earth.

Our currency is quickly being adopted as the first global currency of the world.

There are only a small amount of units of our currency, all that exist are a small set number so as acceptance of our currency grows, its value compared to fiat has exploded.

All there will ever be of our currency is one small set amount of units, as more and more people embrace our global currency each unit multiplies greatly in value, so our currency system creates deflation, the price of what you can now buy with our currency unit is a fraction of what it cost a few years ago.

So by acquiring our currency now, as more and more people learn of our currency system, the value of each unit multiplies and what you can purchase with it gets less and less expensive as a unit of our currency.

Global exchanges around the world trade worthless fiat into our currency. A few years ago a unit of our currency was worth .40 cents. Today it is worth around $400.00.

So today you can buy 1,000 times in value what you could buy with our currency only a few short years ago.

Since there are billions of humans on this planet and our currency was designed to only have 20 million units, the larger the percentage of humans desiring to own our currency means the value soars while traditional fiat systems become worthless.

Our currency is technologically based, it is a brand new idea that is revolutionizing the global economy. Using technically anyone can acquire a digital wallet that is 100% anonymous and acquire through global exchanges our currency. If you had done this a few years ago you could have acquired a unit for only .40 cents. Today one unit is around $400.00.

When our currency accounts for only 10% of the GWP (Gross World Product) each unit will have a value of approximately 1 Million Dollars.

This is why major tech and retail companies are now starting to accept our currency around the world. You can buy almost anything now with our currency.

Every day more and more people obtain digital wallets to hold our global currency.

Everyday more and more companies agree to accept our currency.

Everyday the worlds media have articles explaining our new currency.

Now some countries are trying to make it illegal for their citizens to possess our currency since it is 100% anonymous.

So the revolution has begun, as a citizen of ‘Hayah which is based upon a religious BELIEF that the NAME of the Almighty is THE NAME ‘Hayah, you have the religious FREEDOM to use and own the currency of your religious belief which is also your legal nation.

The government that controls the land where you now live prints more and more worthless paper fiat to create more and more mass weapons of war and enable the elitists of that nation to accumulate most of the wealth of that nation.

Now you can exchange worthless paper fiat for a real global currency that has global exchanges and is being accepted by more and more companies around the world that understand the old concepts of governments and nations and even religions are collapsing and one universal truth and power will emerge.

That is the NATION OF ‘HAYAH and the global currency of ‘Hayah is how we are taking control of the worlds economy.




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