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Nation of Hayah

Welcome to the Nation of ‘Hayah

Welcome to the Revolution

The Nation of ‘Hayah is literally a REVOLUTION in the making for humanity.

Imagine a world with ONE NATION and Free Clean Energy for the planet and a stable global currency for all of the world to enjoy.


Imagine a GLOBAL CURRENCY UNIT that is revolutionizing the global world economy and shifting the wealth of the world to its citizens.

Imagine a world filled with PEACE and LOVE and not war and hatred.

In 1995 the revolution began with ONE MAN, a man that gave mankind PROOF OF INTELLIGENT DESIGN to our Universe.

The same man revealed to mankind that only ONE NAME was ever given to mankind in all the books of ‘religion’ as to what THE NAME of the CREATOR is, that name is ‘Hayah. Thus, the NATION OF ‘HAYAH was formed to transform our world and humanity. For more information about the meaning of THE NAME.

Since 1995 the Nation of ‘Hayah has become a major new belief system for everyone that is based upon scientific PROOF OF INTELLIGENT DESIGN to our Universe and an understanding we have a DIVINE NAME for our creator.

‘Hayah is not a new name, it was THE NAME given in the foundation of three major religions. In the books of Moishe (Torah or Books of Moses) THE NAME was revealed. When Moishe asked the creator their name the response was ‘Hayah is ‘Hayah. Now mistranslated as I AM the I AM.

This fundamental fact is the foundation of the Nation of ‘Hayah, that being our Creator has a revealed NAME, that being ‘Hayah.

All are welcomed to join THE NATION OF ‘HAYAH, the only requirement is you believe ‘Hayah is ‘Hayah.

The Nation of ‘Hayah has a new global currency unit that is revolutionizing the global economy.

The Nation of ‘Hayah has an international court of Law, the Supreme Council of ‘Hayah.

The Nation of ‘Hayah has a governmental organization that issues its citizens licenses such as drivers licenses and business licenses.

The Nation of ‘Hayah has its own bank and its own currency.

Citizens of  the Nation of ‘Hayah tithe to our Nation and are therefore tax exempt from all governments of man, since we are our own Nation and are subject to no government of mankind. We have the right to be self governed no matter where we live, it is our divine right to obey the laws of ‘Hayah.

By following the moral code of ‘Hayah, the citizens of ‘Hayah break no moral laws of man such as murder or theft.

No matter where you live upon this Planet, or whatever race you were born into, you are a child of ‘Hayah, that is your divine birth right, so everyone is technically a citizen of the Nation of ‘Hayah even if they refuse to acknowledge it.

No matter what you do for a living, you earn worthless fiat of governments that are based upon laws of man that ignore the laws of ‘Hayah. Take the fiat  of mankind and trade it into our global currency, this will be your strength. Our global currency system will soon destroy every government of the world since our currency is 100% anonymous, global and now the most desired currency unit on the planet.

Governments cannot control our global currency, they cannot use our currency to create weapons of war, they cannot tax our anonymous currency since there is no regulation of any kind upon our global currency.

As you learn how to trade your worthless fiat currency into our global currency, your wealth will grow exponentially since our currency is capped as to how many units of our currency will ever exist.

While the worlds fiat monetary systems implode based upon usury, needless military budgets, over taxation and welfare systems designed to make people reliant upon the government and not upon themselves as ‘Hayah intended all men and women to be, self reliant, you will have your earthly wealth in a new global monetary system that the rest of the world will soon envy due to how it is dramatically growing in value.

The Nation of ‘Hayah is also the force behind GREPA, it is the solution for mankind to have FREE CLEAN ENERGY for everyone within a couple of decades.